BSD Galaxy A9

BSD Galaxy A9 - 9 plate puncher

Developed with the needs of evolving newborn screening laboratories in mind, the BSD Galaxy A9 showcases a unique turntable design housed in a compact benchtop solution, greatly reducing the overall footprint and allowing seamless integration into your workflow.

The BSD Galaxy A9 is built on established BSD technology used in newborn screening laboratories worldwide with advanced features to ensure sample integrity throughout the punching process. Boasting greater capacity to prepare up to 9 plates simultaneously, the BSD Galaxy A9 has been designed to offer the compatibility to work with various plate types and sample cards and collectors.

Key Features
  • BSD Studio software
  • Dual punch sizes
  • Nine plate capacity
  • Auto-trigger function
  • Sample and Plate barcode readers
  • Air humidification and Ionizer system for static mitigation
  • Compatible with 96 standard, ELISA, PCR, deep-well plates or tubes
  • Light targeting system
  • Automatic pattern punching
  • Dust extraction system
  • Plate validation camera
  • Ergonomic monitor with in-built PC
BSD Galaxy A9 Advantages
Enjoy the freedom of open systems integration providing a new world of possibilities to interface with laboratory information systems and downstream analytical instruments. The BSD Galaxy A9 offers flexibility of choice and maximum efficiency in one instrument.
Complete your workflow with ease and precision without compromising on personnel comfort and safety.
Take the uncertainty out of your workflow with increased traceability features aimed to reduce the risk of processing errors and provide greater visibility throughout your punch run.