BSD600 Ascent

The BSD600 Ascent is the latest update on the BSD600 series range. This model builds on the proven form, function and performance of the BSD600 series with re-designed electronics and software to support new optional features such as a touchscreen user interface with a high resolution plate validation camera, as well as an additional ionizer system to reduce static electricity.

Common Features in the A2 and M2 models
  • New BSD software
  • Removable dual punch head
  • Barcode sample tracking
  • Auto-trigger (automatic punch)
  • Mobile chute system
  • Tablet PC computer with Windows 10.
  • Plate Validation Camera with Backlighting.
  • Air humidification system and Ionizer system for static mitigation
  • Compatible with 96 standard and deep-well plates or PCR tube racks
  • Export output file files for LIMS intergration
A2 Advantages
The light targeting system illuminates positions or target sites on the sample card from which disks are to be punched.
Pattern punching provides the opportunity to punch multiple disks with precision and accuracy, saving time and increasing productivity.
The dust extraction system features an external vacuum pump to continuously remove airborne paper dust from the sample punching area.

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